10hp IR Type 30 12600 300ltr Tank Air Compressor


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  • Compatible with 20cfm Refrigerator Air Dryer
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28 in stock


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During the down stroke of the piston of a two-stage compressor, the air is forced into the first stage cylinder by atmospheric pressure through an inlet filter and an intake valve in the head of the compressor. When the piston reaches the bottom of the stroke, the intake valve closes. During the upstroke of the piston, the air is compressed, the discharge valve opens and the compressed air is delivered to the second stage through finned intercooler tubes where the heat created by the compressor is allowed to dissipate. The cooled compressed air is then forced into the second-stage cylinder via an intake valve. The second-stage cylinder fills with compressed air during the down stroke of the second-stage piston. During the upstroke of that piston, the air is compressed and released through a discharge valve to the air receiver tank. In one revolution of the crankshaft the complete two-stage cycle is completed. 10hp IR Type 30 12600 300ltr Tank Air Compressor, Two-stage air compressor manufacturers, Two stage air compressor manufacturers India, Two stage air compressor online price in India Ahmedabad, low-pressure air compressor manufacturers, medium pressure air compressor manufacturers in Mumbai, Two Stage Compressor Manufacturer, Two Stage Air Compressor Manufacturer, 2 Stage Compressor Manufacturer India.

Technical Specifications: CE & ISO 9001:2015 QUALITY PRODUCTS

Brand Maruti Air Compressor
SKU TSC10HP2600TP300
Model Maruti– 12600 – 10hp
Motor hp 10 / Kw 7.46 / 50hz
No. of Position 2
Piston Displacement  30 cfm
Ltr /min 849
m3/hr 50.97
m3/min 0.84
Pressure Psi 12.3 Bar/175 Psi
Air Tank Capacity 300 Ltr Size 18″ × 72″ inch 5mm x 5mm
Standard Accessories Automatic on-off pressure Control Switch, Air Delivery Valve, Pressure gauge, Manual water Tank Drain valve, Belt Guard, Inlet Air Filter & Check Valve in Discharge line, Safety Valve, Fly wheel (Pulley), Motor Slide Rails, V – Belts.
Product Dimensions L X 80″ W X 36″ H X 50″ Weight 420 kg Approx.
Gross Weight L X 82″ W X 38″ H X 52″ Weight 480 kg Approx.
Quality Mark CE & ISO 9001:2015
Warranty 1 Year
Motor Issue No Warranty Against Fire, Flaming, Burning.
Average Product Life 10 Year.

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