Soundproof Medical Air Compressor


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  • Made of Supreme Quality
  • Durable Electrical Energy into Mechanical Energy
  • With Moisture Separator & Pressure Regulation Valve
  • Covered with 1 Year Warranty
  • Rock-bottom Price with CE Quality Product.

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10 in stock


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1hp 35Ltr Tank Soundproof Medical Air Compressor Silent Medical Air Compressor with Acoustic Dental Air Compressor Manufacturers in Gujarat Ahmedabad India CE – ISO 9001 CERTIFIED 100% Oil Free Compressor, Oil Less, Non-Lubricated Medical Grade Air Compressor, for Pharmaceuticals, Food, Medical and surgical hospitals, Analytical, R&D Laboratories etc. Applications.

Dental Air Compressor Manufacturers and Exporters in India this compact and silent air compressor are useful in medical dental college and dental hospital for teeth sugary,

The design of dental compressor a lot of power into not a lot of space. Because we believe that high performance shouldn’t come at the expense of portability. And despite being so compact, the dentist doctors are using them clink for 550watt 0.75hp & 800watt 1hp & 1200watt 1.6hp & 1500watt 2hp 50hz single phase with 100% Copper wire models now deliver up to 8 hours and ten hours of per day operation life, respectively — an hour more than the previous models.

Dental air compressor using in medical and surgical laboratories, meteorology laboratory, small spray painting, small industrial pneumatic valve up and down operations.
Suitable for Medical Lab and Hospitals Use, Compact & Modular Design, CE Mark 100% Oil-Free Direct Drive Compressor with Auto Cut Off, With Moisture Separator Water Removal System & Pressure Regulation Valve.
Large Locking Castors Wheels for Easy Transport Any Where, With Soundproof Acoustic with 1 Year Warranty
Take Care to Compressor Drain Daily, Clean Suction Filter Every 7 Days.

Maruti Air Compressor has All Over India Distribution Network for After Sales And Support., Jaipur Bhopal Lucknow Gandhinagar Bangalore (Bangaluru) Hyderabad Amaravati Bhubaneswar Raipur Chennai Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra Mumbai Uttar Pradesh Gujarat Ahmedabad Surat Karnataka Andhra Pradesh Odisha Chhattisgarh Tamil Nadu

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 92 × 92 × 112 cm

Technical Specifications: CE & ISO 9001:2015 QUALITY PRODUCTS

Quality CE Certified Export Grade Product.
Model MARUTI – 2HP – 35LTR
Motor hp 2HP 240 V / 50 Hz / 3.7 Amp / 1500 RPM
kw 1.5
No of Pistons 4
Piston Displacement 10 cfm
LPM 300
m3/hr 10
m3/min 0.30
Pressure 8.0 BAR/116 PSI
Air Tank 35 liter Tanks
Standard Accessories Automatic on-off pressure Control Switch, Air Delivery Valve, Pressure gauge, Manual water Tank Drain valve, Inlet Air Filter, Safety Valve.
Net Weight Length 32″” Width 32″” Height 44″” In inches and Weight without packing 150KG APPROX
Gross Weight Length 36″” Width 35″” Height 40″” In inches and Weight with packing 200KG APPROX
Warranty 12 Months Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect
Item Packing Export graded Packing.